Dienstag, 29. Januar 2013

Velvet night.

blouse: h&m // velvet shorts, necklace: urban outfitters // rings: mango, bjou brigitte, h&m 

okay my lovely people,
i'm a bit busy but here's the latest lookbook look :) i'm in love with this white blouse (h&m sale ♥ ) and bought it in a light grey, too. also i changed my url (did you see?) to http://only-birds.blogspot.de/ because it's much shorter and better to remember :) i hope it causes no troubles...?
if you want to stay updated - check my instagram! the link is also in the sidebar :)
the next post will be better. with more text and interesting stuff - i promise ;) 
i hope you all are fine ♥

by the way - lovelovelove to my blonde best friends ;*


  1. Sehr schöner Look!


  2. Tolle Kette :)

  3. Tolle Ringe, den silbernen mit dem schwarzen Stein hab ich auch:)

    Würde mich über einen Besuch auf meinem Blog sehr freuen, vielleicht schaust du ja mal vorbei :)
    Lg,Laura von http://jumpers-and-coffee.blogspot.com